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  1. Chef's Banquet - Pasta Bucket

    Chef's Banquet - Macaroni Pasta Bucket

    10 kg of macaroni pasta, sealed in 9 zip seal Metalite pouches for long term storage. Create all your favorites like macaroni and cheese, casseroles, pasta salads, or just use salt and butter and enjoy. Learn More

  2. Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

    Chicken Teriyaki with Rice (Mountain House #10 Can)

    Chicken, rice, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and vegetables in an awesome sweet and tangy oriental sauce. Perfect for big groups and as long-term emergency food. Learn More

  3. Chili Mac with Beef

    Chili Mac with Beef (Mountain House #10 Can)

    Spicy chili sauce with beef, onion, macaroni noodles, and beans. Feed the football team after practice or serve the entire family after a busy day at work. Don't forget to add Chili Mac to your emergency food storage shelf! Learn More

  4. Elbow Macaroni

    Elbow Macaroni (Nutristore #10 Can)

    Elbow Macaroni is a great way to add variety to your food storage. Elbow Macaroni is a versatile grain that stores very well and gives you endless meal options. Learn More

  5. Granola, Nut Free

    Granola, Nut Free (Nutristore #10 Can)

    Nutristore™ Breakfast Granola gives your family a delicious wholesome breakfast meal for any situation. Add a little bit of milk and it is ready to be enjoyed. Eat it without milk for a healthy snack. Learn More

  6. Instant Rotini Pasta

    Instant Rotini Pasta (Nutristore #10 Can)

    Nutristore™ Instant Rotini Pasta is an excellent grain to add to your emergency food supply. It provides you with a variety of meal options that you can prepare quickly and easily. Learn More

  7. Lasagna with Meat Sauce

    Lasagna with Meat Sauce (Mountain House #10 Can)

    A favorite Italian-style entrée that's perfect for a quick meal. Made with pasta and cheese in a rich tomato meat sauce. And with our proven 25+ year Taste Guarantee, it's perfect for your emergency preparedness kit. Learn More

  8. Lasagna with Meat Sauce

    Lasagna with Meat Sauce (Mountain House Pouch)

    A favorite Italian-style entrée that's perfect for a quick meal. Made with pasta and cheese in a rich tomato meat sauce. Lasagna is one of those dishes that everyone seems to love, yet few have the patience for cooking it. Enjoy this Lasagna in 9 minutes. Learn More

  9. Pasta Primavera

    Pasta Primavera (Mountain House Pouch)

    Looking for a hearty vegetarian dish that can be whipped up in minutes? Mountain House Pasta Primavera blends spiral macaroni with broccoli, peppers, cauliflower and zucchini in an irresistible Parmesan cheese sauce for a deliciously filling meal that's perfect to take on the road or enjoy at home. Learn More

  10. Pilot Bread Crackers

    Pilot Bread Crackers (Nutristore #10 Can)

    Nutristore™ Pilot Bread Crackers are the ultimate survival food. With each cracker containing 50 calories, it’s the easiest go-to snack for strength and energy in an emergency. Learn More

  11. Rice and Chicken (Mountain House #10 Can)

    Rice and Chicken (Mountain House #10 Can)

    Made with rice, real chicken meat and pimientos in a savory sauce, it is no wonder this is one of our best-selling meals. Perfect for those times you’re snowed in, the power is out, or just because. Each can contains enough to feed the whole family. Learn More

  12. Rice and Chicken

    Rice and Chicken (Mountain House Pouch)

    No matter the adventure, you need carbs and protein to keep you energized - and that's exactly what you'll get with Mountain House Rice and Chicken. Made with tender cooked chicken, zesty pimientos and hearty rice, this best-selling favourite has fueled explorers through power outages, snow storms, backpacking excursions, and even those nights where you just can't seem to get off the couch to cook. Learn More

  13. Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Peppers

    Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Peppers (Mountain House Pouch)

    Breakfast is anything but boring when you take that first bite of Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Ham, Red and Green Pepper. Made with real ham and veggies on a bed of scrambled eggs for a savory, nutritious breakfast anywhere, any time. Just add hot water and you'll be ready to enjoy this tasty meal anywhere, from mountain trails to your own home. Learn More

  14. Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

    Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (Mountain House #10 Can)

    Tender spaghetti pasta with chunks of beef in a rich marinara sauce. Easy to prepare, this classic dish will please the whole family. Perfect for long term emergency food storage. Learn More

  15. Vegetable Stew with Beef

    Vegetable Stew with Beef (Mountain House #10 Can)

    Hearty home-style stew with a medley of garden vegetables and beef. Chock full of potatoes, peas, beef, carrots and corn. Learn More

  16. Organic Canada #1 Red Hard Spring Wheat - 50 lbs bag

    Wheat, Red Hard Spring - Organic - 22.70 kg

    Hard Red Spring Wheat is high in protein (13-14%) and is a staple for making homemade bread. Learn More

  17. Canada #1 Red Hard Spring Wheat - 48 lbs in 6 Gallon Pail w/ Gasket Snap Lid

    Wheat, Red Hard Spring - Organic - Approx. 48 lbs in 6 Gallon Bucket

    48 lbs of wheat that comes in a 6 gallon bucket with a gasket snap lid to make storage easy. Learn More

  18. White Rice

    White Rice (Nutristore #10 Can)

    No matter your circumstances, with access to White Rice, you've got hundreds of meal options at your fingertips. Learn More

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