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  1. Alfalfa Sprouts

    Alfalfa Sprouts - Organic - Sample Pack

    Alfalfa sprouts are a great addition to any salad and give any sandwich a crunchy, nutritional boost. An easy 5-day sprout. Alfalfa is an easy, fun sprout with a fresh flavor! Certified Organic. Learn More

  2. Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds

    Broccoli Brassica Blend Sprouts - Organic - Sample Pack

    This delicious, mild sprout has recently been found to contain many times the cancer fighting compounds of broccoli as a vegetable. Learn More

  3. Organic Daikon Radish Sprouts

    Daikon Radish Sprouts - Organic - Sample Pack

    Daikon Radish Sprouts are an easy was to add some spice and flare to any salad, sandwich, wrap or spring roll. Learn More

  4. Chief Mountain Harvest Garden Seed Bank

    Garden Seed Bank - Heirloom (Chief Mountain Harvest - #10 can)

    The Chief Mountain Harvest Garden Seed Bank is an organic, non hybrid collection of Heirloom seeds featuring 20 different varieties. Learn More

  5. Sandwich Booster Sample Pack

    Sandwich Booster Sprouts - Organic - Sample Pack

    Try out Mumm's Sandwich Booster in this perfect sample pack size - containing a mix of Clover, Alfalfa, Radish, and Canola. Learn More

  6. Organic Canada #1 Red Hard Spring Wheat - 50 lbs bag

    Wheat, Red Hard Spring - Organic - 22.70 kg

    Hard Red Spring Wheat is high in protein (13-14%) and is a staple for making homemade bread. Learn More

  7. Canada #1 Red Hard Spring Wheat - 48 lbs in 6 Gallon Pail w/ Gasket Snap Lid

    Wheat, Red Hard Spring - Organic - Approx. 48 lbs in 6 Gallon Bucket

    48 lbs of wheat that comes in a 6 gallon bucket with a gasket snap lid to make storage easy. Learn More

8 areas of emergency preparedness Water - Vital for Life Food - Sustain Your Health Shelter - Protect Yourself From The Elements First Aid - Saves Lives
8 areas of emergency preparedness Light - Diversification is Key Heat - Maintain Your Core Temperature Communication - Stay In Touch Sanitation - Often Overlooked