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  1. Animal Tracking Cards

    Learn & Live Animal Tracking Cards

    Helping you to recognize the tracks of some of the most common wild animals in North America. Each card shows basic track shapes along with some interesting animal facts. Learn More

  2. Cloud Cards

    Learn & Live Cloud Cards

    A great reference tool that describes the appearance of 10 cloud types along with additional details about their elevations and related weather patterns. Stay safe in the outdoors! A convenient and fun learning tool for everyone. Learn More

  3. First Aid Cards

    Learn & Live First Aid Cards

    A quick reference tool featuring useful tips to treat minor injuries during wilderness emergencies - from shock to snake bites. Learn More

  4. Learn & Live Fishing Kit

    Learn & Live Fishing Kit

    The Learn & Live Fishing Kit contains the basic resources needed to learn how to catch fish in a survival situation. Learn More

  5. Knot Tying Kit

    Learn & Live Knot Tying Kit

    A quick reference guide that outlines step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to tie the 11 most commonly used knots — an essential tool for wilderness survival and emergency preparedness. The kit also contains a 30-inch cord to practice with and an 8 cm durable, aluminum carabiner for attaching and practicing your new knot skills. Learn More

  6. Outdoor Skills Card Set

    Learn & Live Outdoor Skills Card Set

    Quick reference guides covering the fundamentals of six imperative survival skills: knot tying, way finding, fire building, first aid, shelter, and fishing. All housed in a watertight case which features O-ring seals for durability and water-resistance. Learn More

  7. Learn & Live Primitive Cooking Cards

    Learn & Live Primitive Cooking Cards

    Illustrations for 11 different methods to cook food over an open flame, including tripod cooking and spit roasting. A convenient and fun learning tool for everyone — from seasoned backpackers and first-time campers. Learn More

  8. Learn & Live Shelter Building Cards

    Learn & Live Shelter Building Cards

    These Shelter Building Learning Cards describe a variety of shelters and provide how-to directions so you can stay safe, warm and protected during your outdoor adventures. Learn More

  9. Learn & Live Star Gazing Cards

    Learn & Live Star Gazing Cards

    A pocket outdoor quick reference tool, the UST Star Gazing Cards illustrate and describe the most recognizable constellations in the Northern Hemisphere. Complete with photographs and detailed descriptions, they’re a great tool to learn and recognize the most popular constellations in the night sky. Learn More

  10. Learn & Live Way Finding Kit

    Learn & Live Way Finding Kit

    The Learn & Live Way Finding Kit includes a quick pocket guide and Waypoint Compass to help you learn how to navigate outdoors. Learn More

8 areas of emergency preparedness Water - Vital for Life Food - Sustain Your Health Shelter - Protect Yourself From The Elements First Aid - Saves Lives
8 areas of emergency preparedness Light - Diversification is Key Heat - Maintain Your Core Temperature Communication - Stay In Touch Sanitation - Often Overlooked