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Helping Canadians obtain high quality Survival supplies since 2009
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Who is Briden Solutions?
Briden Solutions is a family owned and operated business located in Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is to help our fellow Canadians feel the Peace of Mind that comes from being prepared for natural disasters like floods, earthquake, tornado, wildfire, ice storms, winter storms, etc. And also more far reaching emergency scenarios like pandemics and economic or political instability.

These are issues that impact people across this country all the time. We want to teach you what you need to do today so that you can be better prepared for tomorrow. No matter what may come.

And why should you work with us?
#1) We care – As a family owned business, we are not just here to push product out the door. We sincerely want you to feel the Peace of Mind that can come from being prepared. We will take the time to answer your questions. We will take the time to look at what concerns you. And we will take the time to help create a plan that truly brings that peace of mind to your world.

#2) We are Canadians – Born and raised. We live here, and we understand and research the scenarios that impact Canadians. We love this country, and we want to make it better by helping people.

#3) We’re involved – We don’t just talk the talk. During the Calgary flood of 2013, our team volunteered hundreds of hours sand bagging before the flood and hundreds of hours after the flood slugging mud out of basements. During the Fort McMurray fires of 2016 we worked with our customers and together we donated and delivered nearly $50,000 in food to the evacuation centers and firefighters. We teach people to prepare before a disaster strikes, but we are still going to be here to help after it happens.

#4) We’ve been around the longest. Operating officially since 2009, along with our Sister company In Case of, who has been here since 2002. We are the Canadian pioneers of the survival and emergency industry. We've helped people through the Ebola pandemic, the Japan earthquake and nuclear meltdown, the end of the world in 2012, floods that washed away towns, fires that destroyed whole cities, and countless other storms along the way both nature and man-made.

#5) We’ve got the largest emergency food selection in Canada - We proudly carry the Nutristore, Chef's Banquet, Mountain House, Peak Refuel, Backpackers Pantry, Datrex, Chief Mountain Harvest, and Thrive lines for long term food storage in Canada. These food lines span all of the food groups and food types, giving you the widest choice in your food preparations. We have food pouches, food cans, food buckets and food boxes. Doesn't get much wider than that.

#6) We’ve tried it all – Everything on our website we’ve tested ourselves, either in our home at the dinner table with our kids, while out camping, or on a mountain top hiking trip. Nothing gets into our warehouse that I wouldn’t be proud to use myself. We carry the best tasting and healthiest survival and outdoor foods, and gear that works how it should when you need it.

#7) We don’t waste your time - We don’t carry anything that doesn’t have a specific emergency or survival purpose. There is nothing on this website that you might call “filler” products. Only food and gear that makes sense for people trying to prepare.

#8) We are real - We have a storefront, a warehouse, employees, and a lot of stock on the ground here in Canada. We are not just a website with affiliate links for another company. Our team packs and ships all our products daily across Canada using all the major couriers.

I’ll stop there, but the point is the Briden team is going to do everything we can for you when you choose us as your partner in preparedness. We will be there for you today, tomorrow, and all along the way. Give us a call, email us or stop by the store. We are here for you.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to working with you.

Dwight & Kristen
Owners of Briden Solutions
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