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Herb and Spice Bucket

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Herb & Spice Variety Bucket - Nutristore

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Nutristore™ Herb and Spice Variety Bucket. Add great taste to your food storage. Make sure that no matter what you are cooking, you can make it taste the way you want - even in an emergency! An essential item for every home.

Nutristore Herb and Spice Bucket

Nutristore Herb and Spice Bucket contents

We want you to enjoy the food you eat – even in an emergency or disaster! When it comes to preparing emergency food storage meals just the way you like them, you need access to herbs & spices that provide the perfect taste. If you want the freedom to create custom meals that your family will love, our Nutristore™ Herb & Spice Variety Kit is an essential component to your food supply! Whether it’s a spicy dish you crave or you just need to freshen up some soup with a touch of herbs, this supply provides the diversity and flavors that you desire!

This kit contains the following individually sealed mylar pouches:
Minced Garlic (2 pouches @ 10.05 oz per pouch)
Basil Leaves, fine-cut (2 pouches @ 3.35 oz per pouch)
Granulated Onion (2 pouches @ 10.23 oz per pouch)
Cilantro Leaves (2 pouches @ 1.23 oz per pouch)
Cracked Black Pepper (2 pouches @ 7.41 oz per pouch)
Ground Oregano Leaves (2 pouches @ 4.76 oz per pouch)
Salt Flakes (2 pouches @ 16.23 oz per pouch)
Parsley Flakes (1 pouch @ 1.41 oz)
Whole Marjoram Leaves (1 pouch @ 1.59 oz)
Ground Chili Pepper (1 pouch @ 8.47 oz)
Whole Thyme Leaves (1 pouch @ 4.06 oz)
Ground Cumin Seed (1 pouch @ 6.35 oz)
Ground Allspice (1 pouch @ 7.41 oz)
Smoked Paprika (1 pouch @ 7.23 oz)
Ground Cinnamon (1 pouch @ 7.41 oz)
Ground Rosemary Leaves (1 pouch @ 4.06 oz)
Chipotle Powder (1 pouch @ 7.94 oz)

• 17 assorted Herbs & Spices

• 15 year shelf life

• Re-sealable mylar pouches

• Essential for food storage meal preparation

    Storage Life:
  • Sealed Shelf Life: 15 years*

  • Opened Shelf Life: 1 years*

  • Shelf life based on optimal storage conditions.

  • Proper Storage: To reach the maximum shelf life, your Nutristore™ products should be stored in an environment with temperatures ranging between 55°-70° F. Ideal storing conditions are in a cool, dark, dry environment where the product will be protected from moisture, oxygen, and sunlight. Excellent storing locations are in (but not limited to) closets, under beds and in basements. All stated shelf life is based on proper storage of your Nutristore™ products.

  • Storing your Nutristore™ products in a location with extreme temperatures, high humidity or an area where oxygen, sunlight and/or moisture may contact your product, will decrease the shelf life. After opening a can to consume, you should continue to store the product in optimal conditions with the white plastic lid secured. Limit the amount of time you allow your Nutristore™ foods to be exposed to air and light, doing so will help maximize the opened can shelf life.

  • Protect Your Investment: Taking proper care of your food storage will help ensure you have great tasting, nutritious foods when a disaster or time of emergency strikes. Nutristore™ foods are designed for long-term storage. By following proper storage guidelines, you can have the assurance that your food storage will keep its delicious taste and high quality for many years to come.

Additional Information:

Free Shipping Yes - When order subtotal is $199 or more
Short Description Nutristore™ Herb and Spice Variety Bucket. Add great taste to your food storage. Make sure that no matter what you are cooking, you can make it taste the way you want - even in an emergency! An essential item for every home.
Sealed Shelf Life 15 years
Opened Shelf Life 1 years
Servings Per Container No
Serving Size No
Net Weight No
Ingredients No
Gluten Free No
GMO Free No
Special Order Item No
Ships Canada Wide Yes
Enable Squeeze Content No
Product Features No
Page Image Banner No
Video Section One No
Video Section Two No

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