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1-5 Person Kit

2 Week Packages 2 Week Packages

Prepare yourself today with any of these 2 week packages.
Available for 1 to 5 people.
Designed to be flexible enough for either home or mobile use. Includes food, water storage capacity (you need to fill the containers!), cooking ability, and sanitation supplies sufficient for 2 weeks.
Each package gives you a framework base as a recommendation and allows you to customize the amount of each item to fit your personal preferences.


Each of our 2 week bundles are built to meet the following specifications:

Food - 1200 calories per person per day of vitamin fortified food (20 year shelf life)
Water - 2 litres of drinking water per person per day, 2 litres of water for cooking and basic hygiene per person per day
Cooking - Tri fuel Volcano stove (runs off wood, brickets or propane) as a backup cooking tool, also adds the ability to bake
Sanitation - Backup toilet and sanitation supplies
2 week 1 person
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2 week 2 person
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2 week 3 person
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2 week 4 person
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2 week 5 person
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Briden Recommendation:
Combine a 2 week package with a 72 hour kit to fully cover the
8 areas of preparedness
8 areas of emergency preparedness Water - Vital for Life Food - Sustain Your Health Shelter - Protect Yourself From The Elements First Aid - Saves Lives
8 areas of emergency preparedness Light - Diversification is Key Heat - Maintain Your Core Temperature Communication - Stay In Touch Sanitation - Often Overlooked