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Mobile Washer

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Breathing Mobile Washer

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Amazing Manual Clothes Washer - Get the power of a High Efficiency Washer in your hands. Dual action cleaning with pushing and pulling action of the water through clothes - GETS CLOTHES CLEAN FASTER!!!
Product Overview:
- Lightweight and made from durable plastics with a sturdy wooden handle - it will not rust away . . . ever.
- Easy to dismantle and reassemble for packing or stowing - portable washing system!
- Powerful cleaning action - pushes AND pulls waster through the clothing - will actually pull out residual detergent left by electric washers!
- Gentle on fabric, controlled agitation and easy to use
- Sturdy enough for large items (Comforters, Sleeping bags, rugs and blankets)
- Perfect "GREEN" product with less water, detergent and electricity used.

Great uses for the "Breathing" Mobile Washer:

EMERGENCIES: Natural disasters that knock out electricity - continue to stay fresh and clean with the Breathing Mobile Washer.

EQUIPMENT FAILURE: Washing Machines fails or costly to repair - use this fast, efficient and cost effective alternative.

CAMPING/BACKPACKING: Pack light and don't worry about smoky, fishy or dirty clothes - wash them on the spot.

HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS: Great for church groups that provide missionary or humanitarian services around the world where water/electricity may be in limited supply. Makes a great hygiene product in countries where traditional washboards or stones are used to clean - simplify their life through humanitarian gifts.

R.V. USERS:: Skip the hassles of laundromats and stay someplace scenic (and off the beaten path?). "The Breather" washes efficiently with minimal amounts of water. Your clothes remain fresh and clean, and you can enjoy that special spot you found just a little longer.

LAUNDROMAT USERS: Forget about dragging your laundry all over the place, waiting in line for machines and for your clothes to wash. Wash in the privacy and comfort of your own place and save your coins for a better purpose.

GREEN ENTHUSIASTS: Super way to save resources with water and electricity, but also saves money by saving the resources.

DELICATES / HARD TO CLEAN ITEMS: Trust the Breathing Mobile Washer to gently clean hand washed items or put it to the test with large comforters, sleeping bags, blankets, rugs etc. The unique pulling action lifts dirt.

SEA MARINERS: Need to freshen up on that long trip but you have a minimal amounts of fresh water? With "The Breather," clothes can be washed in as little as 1 1/2 gallons of water in a 5 gallon bucket.

MILITARY/PEACE CORP: We have sons and daughters throughout the world that often find themselves in situations where there are no laundry facilities. "The Breather" can ease their load by helping them maintain clean clothes.

Tips for Using the Breathing Mobile Washer

3 primary things affect the cleaning of clothes and performance of the Breathing Mobile Washer
- Correct amount of water for the clothes
- Correct amount of laundry soap/detergent and/or stain remover
- Agitation

Correct Amount of Water

The Breathing Mobile Washer uses less water than a traditional washing machine to clean clothes. Depending on the size of the items to wash, determines the amount of water to use. The clothes should float freely in the water. This will allow for good agitation by the Breathing Mobile Washer to push and pull water through the fabric. Too many times people try to wash too many clothes at one time, thinking they are saving time. The reality is that is still takes the same amount of time, if not longer with sometimes poor cleaning results. With the Breathing Mobile Washer, washing less clothes for a shorter period of time, with good agitation, gets clothes cleaner and faster than trying to wash to many at a time.

Correct Amount of Soap/Detergent for the Clothes

With less water, means you can use less detergent with the same amount of concentration in the water for cleaning. Detergent/soap acts as a dirt and stain dissolver and increased detergent or stain remover for heavy stains produces better cleaning results - the concentrated detergent or stain remover is able to focus on a specific area longer. Products such as Oxiclean, white distilled vinegar or washing soda with hydrogen peroxide help lift stains in the washing process.
Ideally, letting the clothes soak a little in the water and detergent helps to activate the cleaning action as well. As mentions above, using the correct amount of water helps to trap the dirt/oil/grease from the clothing in the water with a chemical reaction from the ingredients of the detergent - not enough water does not let the dirt/oil/grease to be suspended in the water.
Typically about 1-2 teaspoons of detergent is needed to clean normal clothes ( more and/or stain remover for heavily soiled clothes). If a little more detergent is used, that's not a problem as the Breathing Mobile Washer actually pulls out residue detergent very effectively in the rinse process.
Rinsing the clothes is similar to the washing process - enough water needs to be used so the clothes float freely. This will allow the agitation from the Breathing Mobile Washer to pull residual detergent from the clothes leaving them clean and fresh. It's always better to use a little more water or wash fewer clothes at a time.


This is where the Breathing Mobile Washer Shines!! Based on the uniquely engineered design, the Breathing Mobile Washer when used with the proper amount of water and detergent will actually provide better agitation action than a traditional top load electric washer and can easily be compared to High Efficiency front load washers - compare the agitation for yourself. Because the agitation process is so intense with the Breathing Mobile Washer, less agitation time is needed for equal if not better results than traditional washing machines. Generally about 30 seconds to 1 minute of good agitation is all that is needed for most clothes - a little longer for more heavily soiled clothes.
You can actually feel the water being pushed through the clothes and pulled through the clothes, while creating the "Breathing" action from the washer - this produces cleaning results!

Additional Information:

Free Shipping Yes - When order subtotal is $199 or more
Short Description Amazing Manual Clothes Washer - Get the power of a High Efficiency Washer in your hands. Dual action cleaning with pushing and pulling action of the water through clothes - GETS CLOTHES CLEAN FASTER!!!
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