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Volcano Dutch Oven

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Volcano Dutch Oven

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The latest and greatest accessory for the Volcano Stove, this Dutch Oven is made of high quality cast iron, features a domed lid to lock in moisture and is even stackable.

Volcano Dutch Oven Details

When used in combination with the Volcano Stove you get:

Ultra-efficient use of fuel
Adjustable air control
Heats more evenly to reduce fuel needs
Much longer briquette burn time. Up to 3X

When used with the Volcano Lid, the need for top coals is reduced or eliminated.
The Volcano offers protection from the wind and elements-as opposed to a Dutch oven table- your charcoal will burn longer.

Normally 12-13 briquettes will supply enough heat for most Dutch oven cooking and will give you 1 - 1 1/2 hours of cooking time. (In calm conditions, even more) By using the air vents properly you can extend the total cooking time. No top heat is necessary unless you are baking, stacking Dutch ovens or browning. (Many Dutch oven recipes require top heat, depending on the type of food you are preparing.) However, the use of the Volcano Lid may reduce or eliminate the need for top coals. See why the Volcano is a favorite among Dutch oven enthusiasts!


Stacking - We have seen up to 5 Dutch ovens stacked when using the Volcano. If you are using 8 Qt. Dutch ovens, this is 40 quarts. of food. Enough to feed a lot of people. If you are going to stack, simply put the appropriate amount of coals on top of each Dutch oven and cook away. We suggest that you put the items that need the longest cook time on the bottom and those with lesser cook times on the top. It will make cooking a lot easier. Please note: Dutch ovens are heavy and can easily tip when stacked, so please be careful.

Briquettes - Dutch Oven cooking, arrange the coals in a circle on the bottom grill. This will provide even heat to both sides and the bottom of the Dutch Oven. Using more than the suggested number of briquettes will generate unnecessary heat, can damage your volcano and may cause food to overcook.

Propane- Dutch Oven cooking: Be sure to use a CAMP Dutch Oven. A Camp Dutch oven has three legs on the bottom that hold it off the diffuser plate. If you use a kitchen Dutch oven (no legs) your food will burn and taste horrible. Follow the procedures outlined in the users manual to light the burner. Turn the burner as LOW as you can. (The burner is 19,500 BTU's) Place the diffuser plate on top of the burner/crown assembly. Place your Dutch oven on the diffuser plate. (Now it should be easy to see why a a camp Dutch oven is the better idea) Follow the instructions from your recipe.

Baking - When baking with a Dutch Oven, (and using briquettes) be careful not to use too many briquettes on the bottom. (Unless you like the taste of burnt food, of course) A good rule of thumb is that each briquette, in calm, warm weather, will generate about 27° (2.8 C°).. Thus 12-13 briquettes will give you 350°. (This seems to be the most common temp for Dutch Oven recipes) The Volcano is extremely efficient, so you will use less briquettes than normal. Example: When baking rolls, cobbler, etc. use 4 to 5 briquettes on the bottom of the Dutch Oven and 12 to 14 on the lid. Once again, the use of the Lid will allow you to use less, perhaps no, briquettes on top and will ensure even baking.

Example Dutch Oven Recipes can be found in our Cookbook/Technical manual

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Free Shipping Yes - When order subtotal is $199 or more
Short Description The latest and greatest accessory for the Volcano Stove, this Dutch Oven is made of high quality cast iron, features a domed lid to lock in moisture and is even stackable.
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