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Is Your Family Emergency Ready?

Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by. My name is Dwight and I am the co-founder of Briden Solutions. We are a family owned and operated business in Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is to help Canadians become more prepared.

We all know that life can change in an instant because of a natural disaster, a seasonal storm, job loss, some new disease or even the political statements of a far off nation.

You or someone you know has likely been impacted recently by one of these scenarios. Just recently in my local area, Alberta Emergency Management was reporting 5 different counties under evacuation alert due to wild fire.

With the world becoming more inter-connected and Mother Nature getting more bold, we are certainly seeing an increase in the volume of life changing events.

I never want to see my children without food, water and other life necessities. I don't want my family to ever feel scared or helpless.

And should something hit the fan, I don't want my family waiting in line for handouts.

I would much rather be safely and peacefully tucked away taking care of my own.

Evacuation of Fort McMurray May 2016

Getting yourself and your family ready is not crazy hard, but it does take some planning and effort ahead of time.

Do you want to stop worrying about what tomorrow may bring?

Do you want to take care of your loved ones no matter what?

Do you want to reduce the impact emergencies have in your world?

Then read on. I've been working for years to find the best solutions to many of these emergency scenarios and I want to show you the secrets I've learned.

I've created a mini email course that will teach you step by step how to prepare for emergencies. What you need to do – and what you don’t need to do.

Back in 2003, a deadly outbreak of SARS forced some hospitals in Toronto to close emergency facilities.
Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mike Cassese

We'll walk through what we call the "8 Areas of Preparedness" one by one. I'll show you strategies you can implement today to make major improvements in your readiness.

I'll teach you strategies that will work in a wide range of scenarios - whether you need to evacuate or shelter in place. Whether you are dealing with a wildfire, flood, earthquake, or tornado - these strategies will work.

These are emergencies that Canadians all across the country face.
These are emergencies that you too are likely to face.
And we can get you ready.

Our motto is "Peace of Mind comes from Being Prepared." And the best time to prepare is right now. Before the emergency is staring you in the face and the grocery shelves are empty.

Show your loved ones you really care, and take a load off your mind - sign up below for my 8 Areas of Preparedness mini email course, and start learning today what you need to do to be prepared.

Thanks again for your time, I'll see you on the inside,

Briden Solutions Co-founder

And Be Ready No Matter The Scenario

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8 Areas of Preparedness
Email Mini Course
8 areas of emergency preparedness Water - Vital for Life Food - Sustain Your Health Shelter - Protect Yourself From The Elements First Aid - Saves Lives
8 areas of emergency preparedness Light - Diversification is Key Heat - Maintain Your Core Temperature Communication - Stay In Touch Sanitation - Often Overlooked